How to Make a Scarecrow

Do you want to make a scarecrow for your local scarecrow festival?

Or like to know how to build a garden scarecrow?

Are you looking for creative scarecrow ideas?

How about a design for a great scarecrow for the kids to make with you?

Scarecrow making is a terrific craft project for the whole family to enjoy! You don't need to be a good artist or a good carpenter to make a wonderful scarecrow. You just need some imagination and be willing to have a go!

Alex and James Wagner with animated scarecrows, Nellie and Harold.

Scarecrow Ideas

Visit our constantly expanding Scarecrow Ideas section to see our scarecrow gallery with 20 different scarecrow display themes! Over 80 photographs and dozens more scarecrow ideas for you to make!

Tips for Making Scarecrows

How to make a weatherproof scarecrow

Detailed instructions on how to make scarecrows will be added to this site soon:

  • Easy scarecrows for kids to make
  • Different styles of making scarecrows
  • Building the body
  • Making realistic faces
  • And more....

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Show Your Scarecrow to the World!

If you would like to add a photograph of your scarecrow to our gallery, please email your photograph to:

We would be happy to print your name and scarecrow festival with your photograph to acknowledge your contribution, if you wish.

News: Scarecrows Raise Money for a Great Cause!

Auntie Lynn and The Magical Scarecrows -- The Kids Who Read Succeed program

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